Ace Findings And Gems (2024)

1. Wholesale Jewelry Supplies | Jewelry Findings 1 800 426 5246

  • Wholesale to the jewelry... · Chain by the Foot · New Arrivals · Clasps

  • Wholesale Jewelry Supplies to the jewelry industry for 30 years - 16,000 jewelry findings Wire Chain Beads More - Free Shipping & Catalog - Call Us & Save.

2. List of Exhibitors | JOGS Gem & Jewelry Show

  • Ace Findings and Gems. Booth: W500, W502, W601, W603. Description: Sterling silver, gold-filled products, findings, gemstones, necklaces and jewelry.

  • Booth: W500, W502, W601, W603

3. Ace Findings & Gems Images - Xpo Press

Ace Findings & Gems Images - Xpo Press

4. Dealer List - Gem Faire

  • Ace Findings & Gems (frmly Close-Out Depot) Addisea Gems Afghan Art Carpet Afghan Gem & Jewelry Afghan Gems (frmly Unique Gems) African Earth Treasure

  • Numeric-F  |  G-O  |  P-Z Not all dealers participate in all Gem Faires. Please check individual Gem Faire locations to find if your favorite dealers will be at a specific Gem Faire. A Flair for Fashion A M Jewelry A...

5. Ace JewelleryJewellery Accessories, Jewellery Findings

6. Exhibitor List - Pasadena - Bead & Design Shows

  • Ace Findings & Gems Ace Findings & Gems ; African Import ; Allene's Beads ; Anantara ; Anna Konya Designs ...

7. Gemstone Necklace|Jewelry Making Chains Supplies Wholesaler

  • AZ Findings has gemstone necklaces that are perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit. Our birthstone necklaces make wonderful personalized gifts.

  • U.S. wholesaler and manufacturer of gold and silver jewelry chains, findings, and jewelry making supplies. Ship within 1 business day, from New York. Large selection of sterling silver, gold filled, vermeil style, 14K findings and chains. Product line includes chains by the foot, clasps, wires, crimps, beads, bezel pedants, charms and more. Serving jewelry designers and retailers around the world.

8. List of Exhibitors | JOGS Gem & Jewelry Show

  • Ace Findings and Gems/Wingo. Booth: S91-97. Description: Sterling silver and gold-filled findings and chains, gems and jewelry. Location: Portland, OR, USA ...

  • Booth: S9

9. Wingo,gems - gem, jewelry - FOB Business Directory

  • Gfsantabarbaraaug 2022, Wingo,gems, , gem, jewelry. ... Related companies. Ace Findings & Gems · Afghan Gems · Afghan Gems & Jewelry

  • gem, jewelry, Wingo,gems, , Gfsantabarbaraaug 2022

10. Stones & Findings

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  • Wholesale Jewelry Supplier. Shop tools, ready to wear jewelry, chains, components and findings in gold filled, sterling silver and solid gold.

Ace Findings And Gems (2024)


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