Need Help Filling Out the Rebate/Reward Form? (2024)

Q: If I provide my email address on the rebate application or on the web site for the online application, will you use it for anything other than rebate verification?

A: By submitting the rebate form to and clicking the link in the confirmation email, you automatically agree to receive email and other correspondence from Advance Auto Parts. You may opt-out of such email, newsletters and other correspondence by sending a removal request to our customer service department at Your opt-out status will not affect your rebate submissions to . We will never share your email address or personal information with any unrelated third party except as necessary to fulfill transactions that you initiate.

Q: Is my privacy protected?

A: Our website is registered with site identification authorities to enable your browser to confirm our security identity before any transmission is sent. With this technology, the identity of our site is automatically confirmed behind the scenes prior to the transmission of any customer information requested to complete a rebate transaction and ensures that your data reaches your intended target or your browser notifies you (prior to your sending any personal information) that the potential receiving site looks suspicious and should be avoided. Security Guarantee: If you are using a security-enabled browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer version 2.1 or greater, or Netscape Navigator version 2.0 or greater), the information you send us is encrypted, making it extremely difficult to read even if it is wrongly intercepted. We utilize industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to allow for the encryption of: potentially sensitive information such as your name and address. Standing behind our security technology, we also provide our Website Security Guarantee, further ensuring that you are protected every time you come to our site.

Q: Do I have to purchase the item from Advance Auto Parts or its reseller in order to qualify for a rebate?

A: The reseller that is covered by the rebate will be specified in the Terms and Conditions section of the offer. If the item you wish to claim does not have an offer code and is not listed in our website, it is possible that the offer could be from another rebate company.

Q: I bought more than one of the same product that a rebate was offered on. Can I submit for more than one rebate?

A: Many rebates have a limit on the number of claims that can be submitted on a single promotion. Please review the promotion details on your rebate form or website to find out the specific rules for the promotion you are applying for.

Q: Do rebates expire?

A: Product rebates are only valid for a specific time frame. The offer code may change for the same product as the time frame of the purchase changes, or the offer code may be extended. If the offer code is no longer on the website, it is expired or no longer valid. You may no longer apply for this rebate. Refer to your rebate documentation for specific dates. Be sure your purchase date falls within the dates of the offer code as stated in the terms and conditions.

Q: How many days after my purchase can I send in my rebate?

A: This varies by rebate. Refer to the specific terms for this time frame, as it can be vary from one rebate to another.

Q: I forgot to mail my rebate and now it has expired. If I send it in late, will I be able to get my rebate?

A: Promotions such as rebates are carefully planned for very specific time frames. If the postmark date has passed for your rebate, unfortunately you will not qualify. Be sure to check the dates and apply on time.

Q: I bought my product during the rebate time frame but received it after the rebate redemption period expired. Can I still redeem my rebate?

A: Yes. Simply provide valid proof that your shipment was delayed such as a packing slip showing when the product was shipped.

Q: What are my payment choices?

A: All payments will be made in the form of an Advance Auto Parts gift card, which is redeemable at any Advance Auto Parts store. Gift cards are typically received 6-8 weeks after registering for your rebate.

Q: Whose name will appear on the gift card?

A: The gift card will only be made out to the name on the rebate application. This name must match the billing information on the invoice as stated in the terms and conditions of your rebate offer.

Q: How do I change the name on the gift card?

A: The gift card will only be made out to the name on the rebate application. This name must match the billing information on the invoice as stated in the terms and conditions of your rebate offer. There is no way to have it made out to another name.

Q: Where will my rebate reward be sent?

A: The rebate reward will be mailed to the address on the rebate application. The address must match the billing information on the invoice as stated in the terms and conditions of your rebate offer.

Q: Does my rebate card ever expire?

A: Yes. There is an expiration date embossed on the front of your Prepaid card. You may not use your Prepaid Card after the expiration date.

Q: How do I register for a rebate?

A: In order to claim your rebate, you must first visit our website at and click on Register for a Rebate. You will need your register receipt or order form. Enter the required information and print the online rebate form for your records. You will be able to follow your rebate status on our website using your confirmation number or email address.

Q: The product I bought has two rebate offers – one from the manufacturer and one from the store where I bought it. How do I redeem my rebates?

A: In the case of multiple rebates, one of them will often accept copies of the proof of purchase/UPC and sales invoice. Refer to the promotion details on your rebate form or consult the website for specific rules.

Q: I did not get a rebate form with my product. Can I still apply for my rebate?

A: Yes. All of our product rebate applications can be found on our website. You can begin by clicking "Register for a Rebate" at the top of the page and enter the required information and you are done.

Q: Do I need to use multiple envelopes when submitting more than one rebate?

A: You must use a separate mailing envelope and form. Advance Auto Parts must keep individual records of each submitted rebate form. Even if more than one of the same rebate offer code is being submitted, each must be mailed in their own envelope. Be sure to read the requirements for each application and sign all rebate forms.

Q: How do I obtain an offer code?

A: Obtaining your offer code is easy. It can be located on the rebate information document from the website. If you are registering online, then we will determine the offer code that applies.

Q: What is a packing slip?

A: Packing slips can be substituted for an invoice or sales receipt. When making a purchase over the phone or online, you receive the package and packing slip through a delivery service. The packing slip must include your bill to and ship to address, where and when the item was purchased, what was purchased as well as the purchase date. All information must meet the requirements as stated in the terms and conditions of the rebate offer.

Q: What is a proof of purchase?

A: The proof of purchase (also commonly referred to as a UPC) is used to show that the correct item for the rebate was purchased. It is located on the box or package of the product.

Q: What is a UPC and where is it located?

A: The UPC barcode is located outside of the box or the package of the product. Each item has a unique UPC, so it is necessary to attach the correct one when filling out the rebate documentation.

Q: How can I obtain an Invoice?

A: You should contact the place where you made the purchase. Most resellers and vendors can reprint a sales receipt for you, especially if you paid with a credit card and know the exact date of your purchase. Also, a packing slip may be substituted for an invoice if it includes your bill to and ship to address, where and when the item was purchased, what was purchased as well as the purchase date.

Q: Does my invoice have to match my rebate mailing address?

A: Yes. The information on the invoice must match the information on the rebate form. The terms and conditions specify that rebate offers are limited to one rebate per person, billing address, company, household and receipt/invoice during the eligibility period. If the terms and conditions are not met, the rebate will not be processed.

Q: How do I reprint my rebate form?

A: Your rebate form may be reprinted at any time. Simply click on Track Your Rebate at the website and enter your rebate tracking number or the email address that was used during the registration. Once on the rebate status page, click on Print Your Rebate to view and print your original rebate form. You may now reprint the form, sign it, and send in the required documentation.

Q: Do I need to have a computer to submit a rebate?

A: If you are registering online, you will need access to a computer in order to obtain your rebate form and register in our system. You will also need an email address to receive updates regarding your rebate status. Otherwise, you will need to send the rebate form you have received with proper documentation.

Q: What if I don't have an email address?

A: If an email address is not provided, we have staff available to help you. Please call 1-888-378-9766 or email us at for assistance.

Q: How can I check the status of my rebate?

A: As the status of your rebate updates, you will receive updates via email. You may also enter your tracking number or email address on the Track Your Rebate page to see your current status. If you are still having trouble, you may email your inquiry to

Q: How do I get my rebate tracking number?

A: After completing the online portion of the rebate application, you should receive an email within 24 hours allowing you to print the completed rebate form and track your status. If you have not received your tracking code within 24 hours, you may email our customer service department at for further assistance. Please include all details on the rebate that you are applying for.

Q: I applied Online but did not receive an email confirmation. What should I do?

A: Email confirmations are generally sent within a few minutes of application submission, however in many cases it may take longer for delivery. If you haven't received your email confirmation 1 hour after applying you should first check your SPAM or Junk Mail folder as some Internet service providers, especially smaller providers, employ browsers or other utilities which may erroneously identify your confirmation email as SPAM and block its delivery. Using an email account from a popular provider such as MSN, Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail normally prevents blockages that may occur with smaller providers. If you haven't received your confirmation email after 24 hours or require assistance in changing your registered email address, please contact our customer service department at 1-888-378-9766 by having tracking number ready or by email at We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Q: I couldn't find the answer to my Question. What do I do now?

A: Please contact our customer service team at We will be happy to assist you!
Need Help Filling Out the Rebate/Reward Form? (2024)


Who qualifies for the recovery rebate credit? ›

You were either a U.S. citizen or a resident alien in 2020 and/or 2021. You weren't claimed as a dependent on another person's income tax return. You have a valid Social Security number issued before the date your original tax returns were filed.

What is rebate reward? ›

Rebates are an incentive program in which a supplier offers their customers a monetary reward for reaching designated purchasing goals. After the target specified in the agreement is met, customers can claim a percentage of the purchase price back for a better deal on their order.

What is the process of rebate? ›

Rebate processing includes various stages, including the offer creation, purchase, rebate claims, validation and verification, approval and processing, payment or discount issuance, reporting and analysis, and customer communication.

How are rebates profitable? ›

Boost in sales volume: Rebates can incentivize customers to purchase more than they typically would by offering a monetary reward for reaching certain volume thresholds. This strategy effectively drives up sales figures and can be particularly useful during periods of low demand or when launching new products.

Why didn't I get the recovery rebate credit? ›

Most eligible people already received their stimulus payments and won't be eligible to claim a Recovery Rebate Credit. People who are missing a stimulus payment or got less than the full amount may be eligible to claim a Recovery Rebate Credit on their 2020 or 2021 federal tax return.

Who is eligible for the $1400 economic impact payment? ›

Normally, a taxpayer will qualify for the full amount if they have an adjusted gross income of up to $75,000 for singles and married persons filing a separate return, up to $112,500 for heads of household and up to $150,000 for married couples filing joint returns and surviving spouses.

What is an example of rebate? ›

For example, a rebate agreement states if a customer purchases 1,000 units of product, then they can claim a 5% rebate. Each unit is $100, so if the buyer purchases 1,000 units, the buyer can claim a rebate reward of $5,000.

How to calculate rebate amount? ›

Amount In Rs
  1. Step I: Calculate excess above Rs. 7 lakhs (Rs 7,15,000 – Rs 7,00,000)
  2. Step II : Tax on total income of Rs 7,15,000.
  3. Tax on First Rs 3,00,000 - Nil.
  4. Tax on next Rs 3,00,000 @ 5% - Rs 15,000.
  5. Tax on balance Rs 1,15,000 @ 10% - Rs 11,500.
  6. Step III : Since B>A, rebate u/s 87A would be (B-A)
  7. (Rs 26,500- Rs 15,000)
Mar 15, 2024

What are the disadvantages of rebates? ›

This process can be time-consuming and frustrating, leading some customers to abandon their rebate altogether. 6. Another drawback of rebate programs is the potential for delay or denial of the rebate itself.

How do I claim a rebate? ›

To claim a rebate in income tax under Section 87A, you should arrive at the gross taxable income by subtracting deductions under 80C to 80U. If your taxable income is below Rs. 5.00 lakhs, you can claim a rebate of Rs. 12500 under the old tax regime, and if your taxable is below Rs.

What is a rebate money? ›

Rebate means "an amount of money that is paid back to you because you have paid too much or as an incentive for buying something." Here are a couple of examples: We hope to get a big tax rebate this year.

What is a rebate payment? ›

In marketing, a rebate is a form of buying discount and is an amount paid by way of reduction, return, or refund that is paid retrospectively. It is a type of sales promotion that marketers use primarily as incentives or supplements to product sales.

What is a cash rebate? ›

money refunded to customers who buy merchandise from retailers within a specified time; the rebate allows dealers to clear inventories without cutting list price.

What is a 100% rebate? ›

A 100 percent rebate refers to a situation where the buyer receives a full refund or discount on their purchase. In simple terms, it means getting back every penny you spent on a product or service.

Are rebates considered income? ›

The IRS guidance provides that taxpayers receiving rebates for purchases of subsidized products do not need to include the rebates in income but must reduce their basis in the property by the amount of the rebate.

How do I know if I'm getting a stimulus check? ›

Check the status of your stimulus check on the IRS Get My Payment website.

How to claim recovery rebate credit 2024? ›

Your Recovery Rebate Credit will be included in your tax refund. If you're eligible to claim the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit, you must file a tax return by May 17, 2024, to claim the credit.

Why did I get $700 from the IRS today? ›

For example, a single person with no dependents and an AGI of $77,500 will normally get a $700 payment (half the full amount). A married couple with two dependents and an AGI of $155,000 will generally get a payment of $2,800 (again, half the full amount).

How to claim a rebate? ›

Steps to claim a tax rebate under section 87A
  1. Calculate your gross total income for the financial year.
  2. Reduce your tax deductions for tax savings, investments, etc.
  3. Arrive at your total income after reducing the tax deductions.
  4. Declare your gross income and tax deductions in ITR.
Mar 15, 2024


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