Red Dead Redemption 2 free Download - RDR2 - (2024)

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the third installment of the Red Dead western series, whose first part, entitled Red Dead Revolver, debuted in 2004. However, the real fame of the series came only six years later, after the release of Red Dead Redemption, an open-world action game, which by many has been christened as one of the best productions released on seventh-generation platforms. The sequel to this title was released by Rockstar Games (known primarily through the Grand Theft Auto series, but also responsible for the Midnight Club and Manhunt brands, the controversial Bully and Max Payne 3).

The action of Red Dead Redemption II was set in 1899, in the times preceding the events of the previous part of the series. Dutch van der Linde's gang, familiar from Red Dead Redemption, is doing well until they run into trouble. When a robbery in Blackwater goes wrong, the criminals are forced to flee from law enforcement and bounty hunters and fight for survival.

The protagonist, Arthur Morgan, Dutch van der Linde's right-hand man, must choose between loyalty to his friends and his own ideals. In addition, the decisions we make and Morgan's reputation in the region have an impact on the story. Relationships with other gang members, with whom we share the camp, are also important - choices we make determine their attitude towards the hero.

In Red Dead Redemption II action is shown from behind the protagonist (TPP). Production puts at our disposal vast, open world: it consists of rocky mountain terrains, valleys covered with a network of rivers, picturesque prairies, densely wooded areas and also cities, whose inhabitants lead their own lives, subordinated to individual schedules. Our base is the aforementioned camp - during the game we have to take care of supplies, while taking care of the team's morale. It's worth noting that it's not only Morgan's duty - his friends also go on a quest, if something (depending on their role, it can be for example wood, food or money) starts to be missing.

The developers did their best to make the world seem alive, so the neutral characters dynamically react to our actions depending on our reputation, appearance and previous achievements. On the wilderness you can meet wild animals. The vast map can be explored on foot or on the back of one of the mounts representing different species, which are differentiated in terms of behavior and ability to cope with the difficult terrain. What's important, Morgan can establish a bond with his horse - if he manages to gain its trust, the animal can, for example, not panic during shootings or encounters with predators.

Arthur has his hands full during his travels - in addition to the story and side quests there are random events waiting for him. It's worth noting that access to many of them depends on various factors, including the protagonist's reputation and time of day. Bank robberies play an important role, before which we have to work out a precise strategy. Besides, nothing stands in the way to go hunting in your free time and sell the game. However, it's worth to hurry up, because the carcasses after some time begin to rot, making them useless.

Morgan has at his disposal mainly revolvers and shotguns, which can be personalized in detail. The hero also uses a bow, which is useful for hunting, among other things - arrows damage prey much less than bullets. Dead Eye mode returns in the game, after which time slows down and we can mark several targets for instant elimination. There are also duels at high noon, during which we have to prove our reflexes and accuracy.

In addition to the extensive single player mode, Red Dead Redemption II also has an equally complex multiplayer variant, Red Dead Online, made available by the developers after the release of the main story.

Red Dead Redemption II runs on the technology that powered the fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series. For the purposes of the described production, which is the first project of Rockstar Games created exclusively for the eighth generation consoles, the authors have significantly improved their engine, thanks to which the graphics presents a very high quality. The slow-motion effect is implemented in the game and is automatically activated during particularly impressive kills. Besides, the developers allow us to customize the interface to individual preferences - nothing stands in the way, for example, to give up the minimap or the viewfinder.

Red Dead Redemption 2 free Download - RDR2 - (2024)


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